concrete scarifier

  • Product Item: GS250/300
  • Category: Floor Scarifier and Floor Scraper
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  • Product Manual:concrete scarifier for road construction and maintenance and general concrete surface prep

    Model GS250 GS300
    Engine Honda GX270 Honda GX390
    Power 9HP 13HP
    Scarifying width 250mm(10inch) 300mm(12inch)
    Scarifying depth 3-5mm 5-8mm
    Scarifier shaft quantity 6pcs 8pcs
    Scarifer cutter number 102pcs 144pcs

    1. Honda GX270 9HP and GX390 13hp gasoline engine as power,Simple operation without electricity trouble for floor surface preparation anywhere

    2. Scarifying depth maximizes performance and extends cutter life

    3. specially proceed scarifier drum and scarifier cutters with longer lifetime

    4. Used for roughening, creating grooves for non slip surface and remove painting, glue , thick coating on concrete and asphalt floor

    5. concrete scarifier is widely used in road construction industy, they play a major roll for coating contractor and coating surface prep companies

    6. integrated vacuum connector port for dust free operation

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