cyclone separator industrial vacuum cleaner

  • Product Item: GV512/513
  • Category: Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Product Manual:cyclone separator industrial vacuum cleaner

    Model GV512 GV513
    Voltage 220V 110V
    Power 3.6kw 3kw
    Max vacuum 240mbar 200mbar
    Max airflow 600m3/h (354cfm) 485m3/h (285cfm)
    Filter HEPA HEPA
    filter cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning jet pulse fliter cleaning
    Weight 80kg 80kg

    1. 3pcs separate ametek motors for control on/off independently

    2. cyclone separate to catch 90% dust before it goes into the filter of vacuum, to prolong the working time and extend filter lifetime

    3. TORAY polyester PTFE coated HEPA filter with low pressure loss and high filter efficiency

    4. continous drop down bag system specialy designed for floor grinding industry, for fast and convenent loading dust

    5. adjustable height and unique cleaning dust in the market

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