floor grinding and polishing machine

  • Product Item: G1300
  • Category: concrete floor grinder
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  • Product Manual:floor grinding and polishing machine for concrete, marble, granite and terrazzo
    Model G1300
    Voltage 380v
    Motor 4kw*3
    Inverter 15kw
    speed 300-1500rpm
    grinding plate diameter 200mm*9
    weight 450kg
    extra weight 30kg*3

    1. It is combination of 3sets G460 with bigger grinding width, higher efficiency for saving time and labour cost

    2. rotating speed can be changed with frequency converter, FWD & REV adjustable

    3. motor can be separated from the frame for convenient transportation

    4. completely gear driven for good duration and reliability

    5. wet and dry grinding and polishing for concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo and so on

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