floor grinding machine

  • Product Item: G600/800
  • Category: Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder
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  • Product Manual:floor grinding machine
    Model G600 G800A G800B
    Voltage 220-240V/380-440v 220-240V/380-440V 220-240V/380-440V
    Motor power 5.5KW 7.5KW 11KW
    Inverter 7.5KW 11KW 11KW
    Amp 12A 12A 14A
    Main plate speed 50-350rpm 50-350rpm 50-350rpm
    Planetary plate speed 0-1800rpm 0-1800rpm 0-1800rpm
    Working area 600mm 800mm 800mm
    Grinding disc diameter 230mm*3 250mm*3 250mm*3
    Weight 215kg 260kg 260kg

    1. planetary counter rotation system with 3pcs planetary grinding plates

    2. completely gear driven system for superior durability

    3. Can work in dark area with LED light

    4. The handle can be adjusted 180 degree forward or backward for comfortable height

    5. Pretreating and levelling concrete surface for epoxy coatings

    6. Grinding and polishing concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo with metal and resin diamond tools

    7. Removing painting, glue, epoxy, urethane and mastics coatings with PCD tools

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