walk behind floor scrubber

  • Product Item: GXD510
  • Category: Floor Scrubber
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  • Product Manual:walk behind floor scrubber
    Model GXD510B GXD510C
    cleaning width 510mm 510mm
    squeegee width 755mm 755mm
    brush diameter 510mm 510mm
    brush speed 210rpm 160rpm
    sucking degree 140mbar 140mbar
    floor brush motor 550w 750w
    suction water motor 500w 700w
    clean water tank capacity 50L 50L
    dirty water tank capacity 55L 55L
    Voltage 24VDC,100AH 220V/110V
    cable / 18m
    weight 174kg 100kg

    1.Compact design, integrated shell and handle firm structure
    2.Operation panel at a glance, convenient and simple operation
    3.Sewage equips with full water device, protect suction motor
    4.Choose famous battery, charger with longer working hours
    5.Big clean water tank and curved water squeegee, effective in water absorption
    6.Brush plate equipped with protection cover to prevent the sewage from overflowing

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