concrete floor polishing pad

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    Floor polishing pad 3", 4" and 5", 7", 9" ,10"

    Grit: 50# to 3000#

    1.These diamond floor polishing pads are mainly used for polishing the surface of concrete floor,wet or dry for dual-use.Can also bie used for grinding or polishing marble,granite,etc.

    2.Restoration professional, these diamond impregnated resin discs are a full 10mm thick and are mounted on a rigid base. The thickness and composition of these discs provide extended life when used on concrete floors.

    3.The diamond polishing pads for floor polishing also can be adapted to fit any floor machine and will deliver a consistent, glossy finish under adverse operating conditions.

    4.Application of the diamond polishing pads for floor polishing is for portable floor polishing machines to polish and shine concrete surface.

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