Pre-sales service

If you are interested in our product, we can offer you related information and send you our publicity material about the product with the postage borne by us. Welcome to visit our factory and we have colleague to accompany you to visit our factory. Give you more product details and industry news.

In-sale service

The lead time is usually 7days-15days after receipt of your payment; We have strict quality control system to check the goods condition and machine running before shipment; Because of products diversity, we can give our client’s recommendation and advice according to theirs specific project needs. Introduce our client the best machine and tools for saving money and time.

After-sale service

Send the tracking number  after delivery goods. We offer one year warranty of motor, gear box and inverter, we can help train your staff how to operate and maintain the machine with detailed operation manual. If any good feedback from our client, we shall cherish and improve the machine for free.

OEM services

we can provide OEM service for many successful cases for different countries and markets

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