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    Diamond cup wheels are the most efficient tools applying in fast grinding,edge-trimming and repairing and maintaining concrete and stone and other similar stone products. Usually they are used on portable electric or pneumatic tools. They can be classified as many types like single row cup wheel ,double rows cup wheel ,turbo cup wheel,swirling cup wheel.

    The grits available are #30 #40 #50 #60 #70 #80 #100 #120 #170 #200,The common diameters are 3"(80mm) ,4"(100mm),5"(125mm),6"(150mm) and 7"(180mm),The connections are M010, M012, M014, M016,5-8"-11 and snail-lock.

    The applicable machines are angle-grinder, auto edge grinder,floor grinding machine and so on.

    The life length of diamond grinding wheel is two or three times longer than general purpose diamond cup blades. They are ideal for grinding and polishing granite, marble, concrete and concrete products, masonry materials and all types of natural stone.

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