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  • Product Item: RKCX31
  • Category: Floor Scarifier and Floor Scraper
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  • Product Manual:ride on floor scraper
    Model RKCX31
    Battery 48V/300AH
    charging voltage 220V,50HZ/110V,60HZ
    Motor power 5KW
    Motor rotation speed 2800rpm
    Driving mode hydraulic motor
    Operation mode handle control, stepless speed
    Running speed 0-32m/min
    Shovel head adjustment double cylinders angle and up/down adjust
    Stripping width depending on different blades
    Weight 1080kg

    1. battery powered without pollution, suitable for indoor work

    2. hydraulic control removal blade and angle, convenient to operate

    3. Strong removal blade with longer lifetime

    4. Various removal blades can be supplied 2" , 3" ,4", 5" and 12", 24" for removing different flooring material. such as PVC, hardwood, mastic and glue and tile and so on.

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