stand up edge grinder frame

  • Product Item: G180
  • Category: concrete floor grinder
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  • Product Manual:concrete edge grinder for grinding corner and edge that big polishing machine could not reach, no need to bend to relieve the knee and akle

    G180 Frame attached with hand held angle grinder is easy to grind the edge and the corner that big polishing machines can’t reach area. It is ergonomically designed and allows the user to grind in a upright position, helping to eliminate fatigue, backaches, and job site injuries. The most efficient edge grinder in the market!Foldable for easy transportation by 15kg only. Convenient operation in the dark area with a LED headlight more than 50000hours. Control and apply pressure to the center of tool with guid handle. Available to connect a vacuum cleaner.

    can fit most 7" angle grinder in market, such as bosch,makita and Hitachi

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