how to do polished concrete

What Is Concrete Polishing?

Polished concrete is the process of grinding the surface with a heavy, high torque machine with varying levels of coarse to fine diamond blades. The machines used are accompanied by a high horsepower, dustless vacuum system. This system creates a clean, non hazardous, environmentally friendly process. The result is a strong, decorative easy to clean, low maintenance floor.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

· Efflorescence Reduction – The process of grinding, densifying and polishing the surface eliminates dust from efflorescence that causes many epoxies and coatings to fail.

· Non Porous – the process of densifying and polishing tightens the molecular structure of concrete. This reduces porosity protecting the surface from water, oil , chemicals, grease and heat

· Strength Increased – densification increases strength and long term performance

· Enhanced Light Reflection – tightening molecules in concrete causes light to reflect off surface.

· Color Enhancement – reflection brings wall colors into surface enhancing decorative appearance.

· Non Slip – Coefficient of Friction exceeds OSHA recommended guidelines.

· Return To Service Immediately – there is no need to wait to use. Floors can be used as soon as complete.

· Environmentally Friendly – Polished concrete is LEED friendly


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