planetary concrete floor grinder advantages introduction

1. Planetary gear box floor grinder with higher working efficiency and more smooth ground levelling

2. planetary floor grinder with 3 plates has advantage on uneven floor compared with planetary floor grinder with 4 plates, meanwhile it has bigger grinding pressure.

3. Gear box adopts precision casting with high strength cast iron material to guarantee the bearing capacity as well as to reduce the weight

4. Gears adopt low carbon alloy steel with osmotic hardening and precision machining with longer lifetime and lower noise

5. The output shaft adopts double bearings design and bearings are famous SKF brand with strong resistance

6. Unique multiple seal design to prevent dust and mud entering gearbox and extend the lifetime and maintenance period of oil seals and other parts

7. High efficiency aluminum shell motor with good heat dissipation and better performance

8. Famous inverter for speed adjustable and simple operation and trouble shooting

9. More humanized design with adjustable angle handle and big capacity water tank to reduce labor intensity and increase work efficiency

10. Can connect industrial vacuum cleaner for dry concrete floor grinding, repair, removing glue, coating and mortar layer

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