what is a shot blaster

shot blasting machine is cleaning and preparation surface for coating and overlays. The entire process is confined in an enclosed blaster chamber, the removed debris is sent to separate dust collector while the resuable abrasive is recirculated. The depth of surface removal is controlled by many factors, the size of shot and the travel speed of machine. Shot blaster can perform surface preparation tasks large area at a cost effective method, prepare for self levelling or polymer overlays, epoxy coating. Another big advantage of shot blasting is that it produces very little dust or debris making it a good choice forfloors in sensitive areas such as food preparation facilities or manufacturing plants. The shot blaster could not remove rubbery mastics or heavy elastomeric coatings because the steel shot will just bounce off the surface. when removing thick coatings, you may need scarifier machine firstly and then use shot blaster for higher efficiency. 
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